Dnotebook Documentation

Danfo Notebook (Dnotebook) is an open-source project, born out of the need to perform quick and interactive experimentation/prototyping with Danfo.js. Dnotebook is similar to the popular Jupyter Notebook but is customized for the JavaScript environment. It is a part of our grand vision at JSdata to bring more Data Science and Machine Learning tools to the JavaScript ecosystem.

What can it be used for?

Dnotebook allows you to create and share pages that contain live code, text and visualizations in a textbook-like manner.

Data Science/Analysis

Easily perform interactive data exploration and analysis using efficient JavaScript packages like Danfo.js.

Machine Learning

Easily build, train and prototype machine learning models using different tools like Tensorflow.js

Learning JavaScript Interactively

Learn/teach JavaScript in an interactive/visual style. This can hasten learning and understanding.

Plain Experimentation/Prototype

Any experimentation performed in JavaScript can run on Dnotebooks.

Creators and Core Maintainers

Dnotebooks was created by Rising Odegua and Stephen Oni. It is actively maintained by them as well. If you're looking to contribute to making it better, you can raise issues here. Dnotebook is hosted on GitHub.

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